HomeUkraine’s first environmental festival of documentary film “Poltava-Doc”

Ukraine’s first environmental festival of documentary film “Poltava-Doc”

Implemented within the Revival of Cultural and Moral Values program

Improvement of the environmental situation in the country and preparation of youth to create a professional movie.


-          To raise awareness of Ukrainians in the ecology;

-          To draw filmgoers together, glorifying their own state;

-          To give the chance for young people to realize their dreams and projects for environmental film and not only;

-          To initiate constructive reserves of young and creative people in music and design.

Objectives: Educating young people of cultural sensitivity, morality and national dignity, learning how to create a movie and see the smiling faces. The focus of the man, the man who created the world!

Partners: empathic businessmen.

Geography of the Project: Poltava, Ukraine.

Implementation period: 27.09-28.09.2014.

Resonance:  unlimited.

Results: Implementation of the destruction of the environmental problems in Ukraine or a significant weakening due to the popularization of environmental films.