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Final National Shortlisting of the Children’s Song Contest “Eurovision 2014”

Implemented within the Road to Life for Every Child program.

Purpose: To support gifted child from an ordinary family to take part in the final national shortlisting of the children's song contest "Eurovision 2014".

Objectives: Participate in the final, as well as in the public events of the final shortlisting of the International Children's Song Contest "Eurovision 2014", present Kiev city and Ukraine as a whole, give the possibility for young talented artists to express their patriotic position, to distribute informational and artistic space of Ukrainian culture in the world.

Partners: initiative teachers who develop skills of the gifted boy Denis Frolov, information support of the Ministry of Education, Science, Youth and Sports, the support of volunteers from the Creative Union "PRODIS".

Geography of the Project: International Children's Center "Artek-Carpathians", Ukraine.

Implementation period: from 28.07.2014 to 09.08.2014.

Resonance: unlimited.

Results: This project as a creative step for talented boy.