Description of the Project  Love and Mercy assistance centre is a project of the foundation, which is an information platform for uniting the forces aimed at providing psychological and material assistance to people who have suffered as a result of non-peaceful events in the east of Ukraine. Many people need support and assistance due to the non-peaceful events that have place in the eastern Ukraine. Everyone has the right to a happy and peaceful future! Therefore, we decided to join forces to help victims overcome the trials of fate and quickly adapt to new conditions of life. Objectives of the project - Assistance to victims and IDPs due to non-peaceful actions in the eastern Ukraine; - Psychological and moral support for people who need help. Partners: "Nova Pochta", "Yuriya Farm", "Ruta", "Cenre of social services." Geography of the project: Ukraine. Date: August 1, 2014 - December 31, 2014. Status: Completed. Targeted Audience: migrants from the eastern territories of Ukraine. Scope of the project: about 10,000 people. Results of the project: - Provision of food, clothing and hygiene for 39 families displaced from the east of Ukraine; - Consulting assistance in job search for people from in the east of the country; - Organization of leisure and educational events for children of immigrants; - Whip-round for tрe reconstruction of the destroyed school of I-III stages №5 in Debaltsevo, Donetsk region; - Help with tuition fees for children from the east of the country, who have changed schools due to non-peaceful actions; - Transfer of medicines for the victims in the amount of more than 500 thousand. UAH.