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Kyiv Vegan Day

On November, 1 in the Ukrainian capital large-scale events were held to commemorate the International Day of vegan (a person who completely excludes from his or her diet any animal products). The Good Deeds International Charity Foundation as a partner of vegan movement has prepared an interesting program for anyone wanting to know more about a balanced diet.   Partners:
  • Veganohooligano.
  • CYFERBLAT free space.
Implementation period: November 1, 2013. Project location: Kiev. Purpose: to draw public attention to the issue of healthy lifestyles and, in particular, - a healthy diet. Objectives:
  • to support the vegans march;
  • to demonstrate openness, reality and relevance of vegan movement in Ukraine;
  • the organization of a charitable vegan fair, the money from wich will cover expences of the vegan advertising in Kiev;
  • the conducting of the Ukrainian-language version of premiere of the documentary film - veganizator "Earthlings";
  • the holding of a series of lectures on the benefits of vegetarianism;
  • the organization of workshops on cooking the vegetarian dishes.
Target audience: residents and visitors to the city of Kiev. Resonance: more than 3000 people.