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Ready for School!

The Ready for School!" project is organized be the Good Deeds ICF within the framework of the "Road to Life for Every Child" program. Having a great experience of organization and implementation of such social initiative in 2013, when representatives of the Foundation gave stationary kits for multi-child families, it was decided to help raise to school children of refugees.

Relevance of the Project

According to the Ministry of Social Policy: there are more than 160,000 children of immigrants and most of them are pupils. Having appeared in another city families of refugees, especially their children need help. Especially now, at the beginning of the new academic year.

Before the Day of Knowledge parents usually buy everything for children they may need during the school year. Unfortunately, those families who had to leave their hometowns often cannot afford to fully prepare their children to school, buy everything they need, including stationery.

Objective of the project:

On the eve of September the 1st to raise money and buy school clothes and shoes, backpacks and stationery for the children of immigrants from the east of Ukraine.

Date: July 1, 2015 - nowadays

Location of the Project: Kiev

Status: Active

Target audience: people of all ages and social categories.

Results of the project:

- Collected funds for purchase of school uniforms for children of immigrants;

- Collected funds for purchase of sports equipment for children of immigrants;

- Collected funds for purchase of shoes for children of immigrants;

- Collected funds for purchase of necessary office equipment for children of immigrants;

- Purchased all things and stationery required for the start of school season;

- Stationery and clothes transferred to the families of refugees from the East of our country.