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International Youth Discussion in Morocco

As part of the Development of Science and Technology program of The Good Deeds ICF financed the participation of the four best Ukrainian students at the Youth for Peace International Youth Summit (IYMM) at Rabat (Morocco). The purpose of this training conference is to promote international youth dialogue on issues of negotiation, mediation, conflict resolution and working with the media. Partners:
  • Radist' Dytynstva Volyn Regional Public Organization
  • "Organisation Marocain D'enfance et Jeunes" OMEJ
Implementation period: 22.08. - 02.09.2013. Project location: Morocco. Purpose: to provide the 4 Ukrainian students with the opportunity of participation in an IYMM international youth conference-training. Objectives:
  • represent Ukraine in the international youth dialogue;
  • gain experience and enhance knowledge and skills in negotiation, mediation, conflict resolution and working with the media;
  • participate in a training conference will also promote personal and professional development of students.
Target audience: students, young people. Resonance: unlimited.