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League of Badminton in Kharkiv School

As stated on the website of Ministry of Health of Ukraine, childrens way of life in the structure of the factors influencing the formation of the state of health of more than 50%. That is to improve the health of school children it is essential to involve them in an active lifestyle. It badminton can be a catalyst for revitalization of life and means to improve the health of school children.



  • «Sandora» company
  • Kharkiv City Council.

Project geography: Kharkiv.

Implementation period: May 2014.

Purpose and objectives:

  • Promoting healthy lifestyles among students.
  • Formation of an effective model of urban school league, which can spread throughout Ukraine;
  • Development and promotion badminton as on the one hand, a relatively cheap sport that does not require expensive and sophisticated equipment and is available for students of different levels of abundance, on the other hand - the sport that has diverse effects on the child: develops strength, endurance, coordination, improves joint mobility, promotes the prevention of myopia, forms the quick thinking to find the right solution;
  • Finding talented badminton players.

Resonance: 900 students.