The project was implemented as a part of the of the Revival of Cultural and Moral Values program by The Good Deeds ICF.

The Foundation organized a one day party for the children. Participants got acquainted with the culture and history of his country in the quest format, and have tried various kinds of creativity. Special guest of the event was the professional Ukrainian designer Natalie Anri.


  • Association of Ukrainian Philanthropists.
  • Dityacha Svіtlitsya Discovery Centre.

Implementation period: 29/11/2013

Project location: Ukraine, Hodoseevka village, Manufactura outlet.


Provide an unforgettable event for orphans.


  • To introduce children to the history and culture of Ukraine.
  • Establish a fascinating quest for orphans.
  • Conduct a series of creative workshops.

Target audience: orphanages.

Resonance: more than 50 children.