HomeFlashmob “GIMN MOLODUM”


Implemented within the Smile Makes Everyone Happier program

The project is expected to film (clip) on the song of «GIMN MOLODUM».

Purpose: This project will contribute to: a change in young people's attitudes to their rest, rethinking our values​​, raise the spirit of unity and positive thinking.

Objectives: Show modern youth of Ukraine - an active, athletic, positive, extreme, well-mannered, open, conscious. Create a youth anthem and its visualization that would portray the state of the soul, delight and values ​​of today's young Ukrainians.

Partners: SHEI "Ukrainian Academy of Banking of National Bank of Ukraine."

Geography of the Project: Sumy, Ukraine.

Implementation period: 13.09.2014.

Resonance: unlimited.


- After watching the video, everyone have to revive spirits;

- Clip will encourage children and youth to a healthy sporting lifestyle;

- This video will give an understanding of the unity of the Ukrainian youth, then sport, music, art have always been the unifiers;

- Young people have its own anthem that cheers up.