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“Happy Day” Promo Event in Vinnitsa

Social event was carried out as a part of the Smile Makes Everyone Happier program.

During the Happiness holiday for the residents of Vinnitsa, the Foundation treated everyone with hot tea, sweets with predictions, shared hearts of balls and took photos.

Partners: -

Project location: Vinnitsa.

Implementation period: March 20, 2014.

Purpose and Objectives:

  • Within one day attract 10,000 Vinnitsa residents (children from 1 year old, youth, adults, seniors) to participate in the celebration of happiness.
  • Provide an opportunity for each of those present to not only join the audience, but also become an active participant in the festival.
  • To draw attention to the idea of happiness and provide hands-on experience of happiness in society.

Target audience: children with parents, students, active youth, community organizations.

Resonance: unlimited.