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The 5th International Women’s studio “Kid’s Planet”

Implemented under the Revival of Cultural and Moral Values program

Purpose: Promotion of human values ​​in families, education, development of the child's personality, standards of living; development of artistic photography in Ukraine; making the opportunities for women for self-realization; search for new talented authors in the field of art photography; expansion of international relations of the Ukrainian art photography.

Objectives: To create a photo project of the exhibition and promote it in Ukraine and abroad, to popularize Ukrainian photography and humanistic values ​​in matters of family, education, individual development of the child.

Partners: various photographic associations of people.

Geography of the Project: Kiev Gallery "House Nicholas" (Kiev Palace of Children and Youth)

Implementation period: 03.06.2014.

Resonance: up to 1,500 people.

Results: exhibition of selected photographs in a series of photo exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad, print catalogs, mailing catalogs to all participants of the studio, support the web pages of the studio.