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Description of the Project "1000000 of Smiles" project was created in order to give everyone positive and good mood, as well as motivate people to smile more often. While implementation of the project will be provided positive flash mobs and social events, involving volunteers who will collect pictures of the smiling people. All collected smiles will be shown on the http://1million.com.ua website. At the end of the project will be formed a collage of smiles in the shape of Ukraine map and will be fixed a record of 1000000 smiles! Relevance of the project Now, many people are in a constant state of stress and irritation. It has a direct impact on their physical and psychological health. In this situation, it is necessary to change their way of thinking and attitude to things happening around. Objectives of the project - Сollect 1000000 of smiles; - Increase a level of emotional satisfaction of society; - Implement activities aimed at improving emotional state of people. Partners: «Kids Will», «Cup & Cake». Audience: people of all ages and social categories. Geography of the project: Ukraine. Date: April 1, 2014 - present. Status of the project: active. Coverage of the project: more than 100,000 people. Results of the project: - We held 14 social activities in order to collect smiles of Ukrainians; - We attracted more than 1,000 volunteers to the project; - Formation of a positive attitude towards life; - We carried out the main social New Year holiday for children of social categories and children of immigrants from the east of Ukraine "1000000 of Christmas Smiles".