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A Sound Mind in a Sound Body


You should definitely shake yourself physically to be morally healthy

(L. Tolstoy)

A Sound Mind in a Sound Body

The Program A Sound Mind in a Sound Body is aimed primarily at promoting a healthy lifestyle among young people and the population of Ukraine. We have set a goal to make our nation healthier, more energetic and successful. We want to see the sport in Ukraine in the heart of our culture of life, and we want our athletes to show the best results in different international competitions. A Sound Mind in a Sound Body is designed to improve the standard of health of the Ukrainian nation, reduce the number of people with bad habits, raise the level of sport in Ukraine and promote Ukraine as a sport nation in the world’s community. We know that sport is an important part of human life. Those who go in for sports are more likely to achieve success, they have the best health, more energetic and live longer.

Nearly all of the outstanding and great people consider sports an integral part of their lives, as only sport can keep our body in good shape and health. Workouts are needed for our bodies especially today, because in the modern world, thanks to advances in technology, life becomes more and more "sedentary".

As part of this program, we plan to not only promote healthy lifestyles and sportsmanship, but also to support the development of sports culture in Ukraine in general.

We plan to provide assistance to the talented individual athletes and also to sections, clubs and even federations in a particular kind sport.

We will act as sponsors in a number of tournaments in many kinds of sports, including international ones.

We believe that the popularization of sports among the population of Ukraine will give a tremendous effect for the development of our country - people will become more energetic, healthier and happier, they will be able to work harder and more creatively, and express themselves clearly in terms of creativity.

The reasons for choosing this program by our Foundation:

  • moral - we are confident that the increase of the number of people involved in sports and the reduction of those who have good habits, will change the moral character of our nation for better, as most of the offenses and the manifestations of moral degradation are associated with bad habits ingrained in our society;
  • medical - according to scientists, sports reduces the risk of disturbances in the functioning of the human body and prolongs life;
  • economic - the belief that the sports nation is capable of working and at a higher level, which will raise the level of security of every citizen of Ukraine;
  • biological - the belief that in today's world sport is necessary for normal human life;
  • branding - we believe that the development of sports culture will bring up a new generation of champions to celebrate our country and would improve the image of Ukraine in the eyes of the world community.

Scientific opinion

Physical culture and sport now have such social power and importance which have no analogue. Physical education and sport are not only effective means for the physical development of the individual, strength and protection of his health, but also the areas of communication and manifestation of people's social activity, a form of the organization and conduction of their leisure time.

Sport undoubtedly affects other aspects of human life: the authority and position in society, work, and the structure of moral - intellectual characteristics, aesthetic ideals and values. And it's not just about the athletes, but also coaches, referees, spectators.

At the same time physical education and sport are themselves subject to "reverse" connection from other social institutions and social phenomena. Physical education and sports provide each member of the society the best opportunities for the development, approval and self-expression of the personality, for empathy and communion of sports activities as a process of creation, which makes people be winners and be pride of infinitive potential of human capabilities.

It is clear that while working out a man first improves and strengthens his body, his ability to control movement and motor actions.

Back in 1927, in the first Soviet book on the Psychology of Physical Education, Professor A.P. Nechayev wrote: "It is time to recognize that we cannot speak of a complete education, where there are no education movements. Agility, endurance and perseverance, in a sense, can be called muscular virtue, and fatigue, apathy, capricious mood, boredom, anxiety, confusion and imbalance - muscular defects. "

Human activity is a set of specific actions that result in a wasted part of the bioinformatics field of negative values ​​of the brain, which leads to certain energy losses of the body. This leads to an excess of bioinformatics fields of positive values ​​of the brain and, as a rule, to the generation of additional energy with which bioenergetics balance of the body (the brain) is restored as a whole and this reduces the negative impact of the environment.

Researchers from the Trimbos Institute (Netherlands) decided to test the proverb, "A Sound Mind in a Sound Body". The results have been published in the journal named “Clinical Psychological Science”. They confirmed the existence of a link between the physical and mental condition under two theories. The first is based on self-assessment: a person sees and evaluates himself from the outside, and the better he looks, the better his mood is. The second hypothesis gives priority to the social relations in sports: we know that social contact, team work, team spirit give confidence and have a beneficial effect on the psyche.

"The body - is the first thing that is necessary to achieve the purpose of human life," - said the Indian sages thousands of years ago.