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Increasing Financial and Computer Literacy


I know that we can make a breakthrough and show the world that Ukraine is a highly intellectual and well-developed country, which is able to work and earn"

(Konstantin Kondakov)

The purpose of the program "Increasing Financial and Computer Literacy" is to bring Ukraine's economy to a new level through the development of financial and IT sector. We firmly believe that these trends will give a significant boost to the development of our state and will raise the standard of living of Ukrainians. The main objective of the program is to spread the basic knowledge of these areas to all Ukrainians. "Increasing Financial and Computer Literacy" is a Foundation’s program designed to change thinking patterns of Ukrainians and promote promising sectors of the economy, resulting in the opportunity to achieve significant success for each person and the whole country on a national scale.

We believe that the increase in financial and computer literacy in the country will allow us to develop these sectors of the economy and bring them to the next level. In our opinion this is the most promising area of ​​activity which should be paid more attention.

We know that Ukraine has a huge potential, which in the future may make it one of the leading IT-countries in the world. We also believe that by raising the level of financial literacy, Ukraine can become a financial center in Eastern Europe and close significant financial flows inside.

Under this program, we want to make sure that we do not just keep pace with the modern trends of the world, but that we are also ahead of them.

Intellectual potential of our people is just enormous, and all we need is simply to direct the potential at the right direction.

Under this program we plan to hold a large number of scientific meetings, round tables, television time, visiting regional seminars, talk-shows and many other activities to help achieve the goals of the program.

Leading Ukrainian and international financiers, economists and experts in the field of IT-technologies will be invited to cooperate with us in this program.

We are going to organize all-Ukrainian advertising campaign aimed at promoting the stock market and the specialties connected with IT-technologies.

The main objectives of the Foundation in the framework of this program are:

  1. Promotion of the stock market and the development of investment culture.
  2. Promotion of professions related to IT-technology as a promising direction for the development of personality.
  3. Attraction of savings of citizens which are now stored in the households as cash in the Ukrainian economy.
  4. The development of IT-industry and promotion of as many Ukrainian IT-companies as possible at IPO.
  5. Creation of a favorable climate for the attraction of foreign investments to Ukraine.

We are confident that in the nearest future a lot of people who care about the future of our country will join the initiatives under this program.

We are confident that the IT-technologies are the future of our country, and we believe that this sector will make Ukraine a prosperous and rich country.