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Assistance provided - Useful links Targeted assistance is a program of the Foundation directed to support people or organizations that need our help here and now. We help those who faced situations that require pointed intervention and outside help. Please note that due to the limited resources of the Foundation, we will not consider applications related to medicine and health, as almost all other Foundations do. We decided to concentrate our activities on social aspects. In this way our work will be the most effective. Also the Foundation will not consider an application for charitable assistance from businesses and individual entrepreneurs. Applications are accepted only from individuals who are not engaged in business, as well as charities and other non-profit organizations. Priority in the provision of targeted assistance is given to the financing system solutions that eliminate the causes of social problems. Under this program assistance is provided in the first place in dealing with issues related to child maintenance, operation of schools, orphanages, kindergartens and other specialized agencies. In compiling applications for targeted assistance please note the following recommendations: 1) The application should be possible to clearly reflect your situation. 2) Your message should be concise and informative. Proposed plan:
  • State the program by the Good Deeds International Charity Foundation which meets your appeal the most.
  • Succinctly describe your need.
  • State the exact time when you need help.
  • The expected result.
  • What audience will be covered (number of people).
3) The appeal must specify: Maximum contact details: full postal address, e-mail, contact phone numbers. If care concerns a child: name, surname, patronymic of the child, the date of birth. Financial condition of the family (you can attach the scan-copies of documents). Applications filled closely to these recommendations are considered by the fund's expert commission as quickly as possible. The Good Deeds International Charity Foundation reserves the right to publish your application on their website before or after its consideration. If you or someone you know needs help, please send a written request to the address: The Good Deeds International Charity Foundation, Krasnoarmeyskaya Str., 72, 10 floor, room 6, Kiev, Ukraine, zip-code: 03150 or zayavki@kondakov.ua


All applications for targeted assistance will be considered

AFTER completing and sending us 

a letter of submission or a special online-form.

In case your letter is approved,you will be notified 

of the necessity to complete the remaining documents