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Vegan-Сafe at the My Game Fest

The Konstantin Kondakov International Charity Foundation took part in aMy Game sport festival which held in Kiev on September 8 at 12:00 pm near the country’s central arena NSK Olimpiyskiy. The project , created by young people for young people, has opened a new sports year for residents and guests of the capital. The festival has no age and belongs to no particular sex, because everyone can play! The basic idea of ​​an unusual event is the popularization of sports and the return of the children to the best traditions of the game.

With the help of the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation everyone could attend free vegetarian café as a part of the A Sound Mind in a Sound Body  and I Am a Vegetarianprograms. A healthy and balanced diet is a mandatory component of an active lifestyle of a modern man. Few people know that being a vegetarian, you can easily reach Olympic heights. Croquettes of chickpeas, cream cheese with basil and pita crisps – this was only a small part of Sunday’s cafe menu. Each person chose free meals on his own taste.

“This day is dedicated to sports, healthy lifestyle. But do not forget that health is not just a sport and exercise, but also a healthy diet. The Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation with its participation in the festival wanted to draw public’s attention to the issue of healthy nutrition “, – said the President of the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation Natalia Kolesnik .

Especially for those who are interested in vegetarianism, vegan-cafe chefs held master-classes on food preparation from herbal products. Not only the children tasting the sweet masterpieces, but also parents , who learned a lot about healthy eating, got a real pleasure.

 “The purpose of our vegetarian cafe is to show that vegetarianism is not only fashionable, but also useful. Among our people there is a stereotype that vegetarianism is not for those who go in for sports. We decided to prove otherwise, and judging by how many people wish to gather in our vegan cafe, we did it”, – said Tatiana Krupskaya, the project manager of the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation.

Also at the festival there were demonstrations of martial arts masters, skaters, competitions in street-ball , mini-football and table games, the championship on LEGO- building and real exercise of American football. The most active participants received the sports gifts from the foundation .

The Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation thanks the organizers – the administration of the NSK Olimpiyskiy, youth organizations New Format and the Scouts of Kiev Youth Association – for the opportunity to take part in the festival. We plan to continue to carry out sports and vegetarian activities, because with love in our hearts we are building a new world!