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In Kyiv Collect “A Ton of Good Things”

International Charitable Fund of good deeds is a partner in the project “Good Things” and support all-Ukrainian action “One Ton of Good Things”, which has already passed in Odessa, Lutsk, and now came to the capital of Ukraine – the Kyiv City.

The joint efforts of the organizers seek to unite the people of Ukraine to collect 1 ton of things, which will then be transferred to large families, orphanages and homes for the elderly. However, already the first results from the city of Odessa showed that it’s easy to collect 1 ton of things in each city, which will host the event!

Therefore, 21/10/2014, the action started in Kyiv and will last month. Everyone can join the initiative. The process of care is very easy: just put what you want in a package of “Good Things” and leave it at any point of collection.

Collection points of humanitarian assistance in Kyiv:

1 Club “Grinada” str. Raduzhna, 51.

2 Center for Human Services Kiev, str. Dovzhenko, 2.

Social centers of the districts of the city:

3 str. Andrei Bubnov, 5.

4 Kharkivske highway 57.

5 str. Saburova 8.

6 str. Lajos Gavro, 7 g.

7 Filatov lane, 3/1.

8 str. Mostitskaya, 20.

9 Kurbasa avenue, 18 g.

10 str. Krivonosa 21.

11 str. Saratovska, 20.

For more info call (0800)50-30-95 or visit the website: www.dobrirechi.org

You are conscious, modern and strive to make the world better? And in the closet you have stale things that it is a pity to throw away? Then the campaign “One Ton of Good Things” is exactly what you need! Join now!