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Visiting Vegetarian Kindergarten

This week the staff of Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation visited vegetarian kindergarten. Yes, do not be surprised, in Kiev there is a child care center named “Private Vedic household type kindergarten with vegetarian meals made of organic products for children older than 3 years”.  When the founders of the kindergarten invited us for a visit, we agreed with pleasure, because this facility fully coincides with the program concept of our foundation – I’m a vegetarian.

Conversing with the founders of kindergarten – Eugene and Natalia – we learned that the unusual idea came to them long ago- after the birth of their daughter Anastasia. Nastya’s parents are convinced vegetarians, actively promoting healthy lifestyle among their friends and acquaintances. They decided to create an unusual kindergarten for not only transfer of valuable knowledge to their child, but also to the other children.

Education in kindergarten is conventionally divided into six main areas: moral, spiritual, artistic, aesthetic, intellectual, physical and labour education, as well as gaming activity. Representatives of the foundation were pleasantly surprised by how skillfully and creatively educators do their job, how they love children and the children trust them. But the main thing is promotion of a healthy lifestyle and natural vegetarian diet.

The kindergarten’s staff is small. It includes a Chef Alexander, who cooks delicious vegetarian dishes, and two qualified teachers. All of them regularly attend specialized courses and trainings on a vegetarian diet; get acquainted with the latest innovations in the field of pedagogy and spiritual self-development. Mastering of professional skills is in the first place, because the quality of the teacher’s knowledge determines the child’s future.

We are very pleased that in Ukraine there are people who have been engaged in spiritual, intellectual and physical development of children since an early age, and in the formation of a new healthy generation. Today there are only 10 pupils in the kindergarten. However, we hope that in the nearest future the institution will accept new children whose parents value the healthy nutritionand spiritual development. Let us together with love in our heart build a new world!