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Blagodiyna Ukraina” Opened Its Doors for the Fourth Time

On December 18, 2013 in the capital of Ukraine held a traditional National Congress “Charitable Ukraine”. Fourth event brought together about a hundred representatives of NGOs, government, businesses and interested citizens.

By gathering associates and partners joined the team of the Konstantin Kondakov International Charity Foundation, the head of the fund’s delegation was the president Natalia Kolesnik.

The meeting allowed to discuss the question of “Philanthropy in Ukraine: trends, challenges and Prospects”. Overall palette of ideas covered almost all aspects of charity related organizations in Ukraine: legislation, fundraising, working with the public and partners, social marketing, etc.

Presentations were made by eleven speakers – from well-known public figures to scientists, they raised and developed the above-mentioned topics, competently answered questions posed by the audience.

Reference: “Blagodiyna Ukraina” is a National Congress which has been held since 2010. Here the representatives of various organizations and charities, business, indifferent to the charity, public figures are communicating and offering solutions that would stimulate the development of philanthropy in Ukraine.