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Dance Event Supported by the Foundation

With the financial support of the Konstantin Kondakov Foundation in Melitopol the tenth all-Ukrainian competitions in sport dancing. February 23 and 24 on the basis of Youth-3 to compete for the Cup of the newspaper “Vedomosti Melitopol ‘representatives came to the floor 24 of the 46 cities of Ukraine dance clubs and had a real celebration of ballroom dancing. The smallest four-athletes (“super Bebik”), boys and girls under the age of 19 years and athletes in the category of “adult” demonstrated in this day their talent and professionalism.

The level of training of participants objectively evaluated a team of 59 judges, which included seven independent experts:
– President of Ukrainian Dance Sport Federation Sergey Pinchuk;
– Honored Artist of Ukraine, a senior lecturer ball choreography of Kyiv National University of Culture and Art of Dmitry Basel;
– Senior Lecturer ball choreography Kharkiv National Academy of Culture, the chief editor of “Tutti-dance” Alexander Zhuravlev;
– Ukrainian champions in the professional European and Latin American programs Igor Kolchin and Victoria;
– The international category judge Zoe Nosov and Marina Litke.
Undisputed tournament organizers, leaders of the center Dance “Grace” Elena, Vitali and Oleg Kireyev expressed their gratitude for the help in the organization of competitions over the ground and the sponsors and charity fund Konstanin Kondakova wage fund for the financing of the judging panel.