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Summing up the campaign “ready to learn!”

August 31 at 14.00 in the sports complex “Atek” summarizing charity “ready to learn” and awarded 60 sets school office wards Staff Humanitarian NGO “All-Ukrainian Organization for internally displaced persons.”
For several consecutive years, the International Charitable Foundation “good deeds” helps many children and needy families to collect their children to school in the framework of the “Road to life for every child.” This year was no exception. In the period from July 1 to September 1, 2015 in conjunction with the charity project “Dobri rechі” from Odessa Foundation held an action “ready to learn!”, Aimed at raising funds for school office for the children of immigrants from the East of Ukraine.
In support of the action it has been several large-scale events. So, on August 8-9 at the Mariinsky park in Kyiv with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine ICF “good works” together with BF “strong nation” and the Federation Horting Ukraine held the first charity festival of family and sports “delayed onset muscle soreness”, which was published collection point for the above action.
Also on the Independence Day of Ukraine on August 24 it was at the point of collection locations Horting Ukrainian Federation, which held demonstrations at Khreshchatyk. But on August 30 in the park to them. TG Shevchenko charity collection took place at the festival “Back to School!”. Constantly active collection points for the shares were placed in the offices of the organizers and the territory of the organizations that have agreed to support the action.
As a result of the action, in connection with the receipt of the pupils’ parents, immigrants, organizers decided to extend the charitable tax on its current locations. Who wishes to receive from the office of the Fund in the framework of “ready to learn!” To post a request on the website of the Foundation “good deeds.”
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