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“KREPATURA” Festival is a sports breakthrough of this summer!

This summer we will not let you get bored at home, lying on the couch and watching TV. It’s enough to leave unhealthy live and promise yourself to start a new life tomorrow. It’s time to pull yourself up and dedicate time to your family and sport!

For those who do forget to count calories just after breakfast, who unsuccessfully drinks liters of green coffee and eats kilograms of Gogi berries, who fights with cellulite and constantly loses, who do not eat after six, but comes to the refrigerator after eight — especially for you, the first all-Ukrainian festival of flabby muscles and sport “Krepatura”!

“Krepatura” Fest is a Festival of new generation on which you will find all the evidence that a full and happy life is not possible without movement. This is not just a sporting event, it is a push that will help many people change their habits in favor of the daily activity.

This August: family games, individual sports, team sports, rate competitions for the youngest, dancing, yoga, street workout, tasty treats, sporting goods and food, and much more!

Festival will start soon. Watch for announcements!