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Zaporizhzhya Spas 2013 Folk Festival

Recently in the historical-cultural complex 700-year-old Zaporizhzhya Oak the second National Festival of folk art, customs and rituals Zaporozhian Spas 2013 was held. The aim of the Festival, dedicated to the 1025th anniversary of the Christianization of Rus’, is to revive Slavic folk traditions in the modern historical stage in Ukraine. As a part of the Revival of Cultural and Moral Values program the International Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation became a partner of the national holiday and financed the creation of the Straw bull and Bear sculpture.

The guests of the Festival saw an exciting entertainment program with performances of singers and musical groups, folk artists, graffiti team and extreme horse theater Zaporizhzhya Spas presentation of Cossack battle. During the event a large fair where visitors were able to purchase works of craftsmen and made original gifts with their own hands was working. For the visitors also were held the workshops in pottery, embroidery, beads, dolls and petrikovsky painting.

During the nine days of celebration the famous Ukrainian woodcarvers created real masterpieces of art. The figures of folklore heroes supplemented the largest in Ukraine lawn of national subjects, which was another decoration of Historical and Cultural 700-year-old Zaporizhzhya Oak complex.

The International Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation plans to support the Zaporozhian Spas nationwide Festival of folk art, customs and rituals, because with love in our hearts we are building a new world!