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A Bright Rainbow Appeared Over Lviv City!

Yesterday in Lviv was the long-expected opening of the renovated multicolored facade of a nine-storey building in one of the largest Sihovskiy district. Incredible in its rave of colour and size wall immediately became a challenger for the Ukrainian book of records. It is not surprising, because the total area of the picture is more than 360 m². The Konstantin Kondakov International Charity Foundation gave to the citizens of Lviv a constant source of bright mood. It was the second time this year when our foundation breathed new life into an old building.

Even the weather has extensively contributed to the work of the staff of the Konstantin Kondakov ICF that came to Lviv on 8 of November and started to create probably the largest street-art object in our country. For two weeks the artists used a lot of paint. They worked from morning till night and skilfully painted every detail of the future masterpiece. The residents of nearby houses with interest watched at their work.

The main purpose of this project is to create inexhaustible source of good and positive mood for the townspeople. Professional work with life-affirming story, which shows the bright rainbow with beautiful neat houses (contours resemble recognizable architecture of the Lion City) and happy children, enthusiastically looking at this enchanting natural architecture.

There is no doubt that such fantastic street art will become a real decoration of the residential district of Lviv and a place to derive inspiration for creative achievements and good deeds .The Konstantin Kondakov International Charity Foundation thanks to the Lviv City Council, Family, Youth and Sports Department, as well as Sihovskiy district administration for assisting in the implementation of the project. Realizing such projects, with love in our hearts we are building a new world!