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The Mystetsky Arsenal Gathers Friends!

On December 26 in the Mystetsky Arsenal art gallery, was organized the evening of gratitude of the philanthropists and partners of the Mystetsky Arsenal, who supported the activities of the complex in 2013 year. Several years ago, the Mystetsky Arsenal together with the Mystetsky Arsenal Charitable Foundation established a wonderful tradition to invite guests – members of the same-name Friends Club, partners, representatives of friendly organizations and like-minded people to the gala evening to express sincere gratitude for the support and promotion of the activities, as well as the implementation of cultural projects.

The president of the Konstantin Kondakov International Charity Foundation Natalia Kolesnik also attended the event, because the foundation is a partner and a permanent member of the Mystetsky Arsenal Friends Club. Supporting and highlighting the sponsorship for the implementation of art projects this year, the Konstantin Kondakov ICF became a reliable partner Mystetsky Arsenal.

The results of such constructive cooperation laid the foundation for a system of cooperation in the coming years. The evening was dedicated to summarizing the year results, everyone heard the words of gratitude, also were announced the benefactors that supported the Mystetsky Arsenal during that year.

Also, The Honor Book of Benefactors of 2013 year was transferred to the Museum of the Mystetsky Arsenal Charitable Foundation. The team of the Konstantin Kondakov International Charity Foundation congratulates the Mystetsky Arsenal, that became the real center of the cultural life of our country, and wishes more new exciting and successful projects!