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“Chain of Friendship” Workshop for Children

Friends, the Good Deeds ICF continues series of charity workshops, within the framework of the “Bridges of Friendship” project, for children who moved from eastern Ukraine.

This Friday, on April 17, we are waiting for boys and girls — residents from non-peaceful Donbass in the Jan Grether Art Center to positively spend leisure time doing some creative work together!

Such “Peace Building” lesson will give children the opportunity to express themselves through a common cause and socializing with peers. Under the guidance of representatives of the foundation, the young guests will reveal their leadership skills, learn diplomacy and tolerance.

On the “Chain of Friendship” workshop children from the eastern regions of Ukraine will make bright bracelets, as well, as write letters with the wishes of peace for children from other countries. At this time, crafts of Ukrainians will be sent to kids from sunny Georgia.

We should notice that the “Bridges of Friendship” project is intended to create conditions for cultural communication between children from different countries, and also contributes to a positive perception of reality of little Ukrainians.

Time of the workshop: 16:00 — 19:00.

Place of the workshop: 6 Vadym Hetman Street. “Bolshevik” SRC, Block A, 3-7.