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Love! Let’s Recall the Principal Things on the Easter Eve

Very soon, on May 5 we will be celebrating the main Christian holiday – Easter. On this day we traditionally congratulate each other, paint eggs and buy symbolic Easter cakes. The bright celebration paraphernalia makes people forget about the spiritual essence of any religious activity. Spirituality and morality do not start with rituals and symbols, but with the feeling of joy and Love in one’s heart. The basis of the Christian worldview is the strongest and most creative feeling – Love. This is why the employees of our foundation went out to Kiev streets in order to inspire people on the eve of this wonderful holiday.

We selected a few wise sayings about love to one’s neighbors by well-known Christian philosophers, and with symbolic willow bouquets to share positive energy with city-residents during the Holy Week.

People look for predictions in Chinese pastries, comprehend the mystery of the relationship with people around through celebrities’ quotes and maybe someone, having received a gift from our charity fund, was able to find the answer to the most important question in his or her life. After all, love gathers students for a walk together in a spring park, makes mothers look kindly at their kids, and men – hurry home to their women… It is very close, and in order to realize its essence one needs just to look closely at familiar things, traditions, and keep ears open to the wisdom, that has lived on our land for centuries.

Love works wonders! The small bouquets with cards full of kindness opened the hearts of serious and wise teachers of Kiev Polytechnic Institute, and showed how gentle and touching proud beautiful students can be. Our willow bouquets even calmed down the crying child and made his mother smile!

We offer you to recollect the most important things on the Easter day eve. After all, with love in our hearts we are building a new world!


Nobody tells his neighbor: “Why do you not love me?” But, making things worthy of love himself, draws his neighbor closer to love.

St. John of Kronstadt

If we want the other people to believe us, we should live well; and if we want to be loved, we will love the others.

The Rev. Isidore Pelusiot

Our neighbor’s love to us is our hands: it depends entirely on the strength and depth of our love for the neighbor.

Reverends Varsonofy Great and John

Do not expect from the neighbors more than they can do for us. Otherwise we will be disappointed, will fabricate something nonexistent, and spoil everything.

Elder Thaddeus Vitovnitsky

It is impossible for anyone to get angry with his neighbor, if his heart is not lifted over him first, if he does not despise it, and does not consider himself better than him.

 Abba Dorotheus

The one who possesses true love does not care if his love is appreciated or not. The sacrifice he makes loving his neighbour, he does not even remember afterwards.

Schemonk Paisios Svyatogorets

Do not seek and do not expect love from people, by all means seek and demand from yourselves love and compassion for people.

St. Ignatius Bryanchaninov

He, who has love, possesses no competition, no jealousy, no hatred, nor does he enjoy the falls of others, but sympathizes with them and takes part in them.

St. Ephraim the Syrian

In compassion there is such strong love hidden, that it is much stronger than the ordinary one. If you have compassion for another person, you begin to love him more.

Elder Paisios Svyatogorets

The mystery of love to the person starts at the very moment when we look at him or her without desire to own or by any means to use gifts or personality – but just look and marvel at the beauty of what is revealed to us.

Metropolitan Anthony Surozhsky

Love can give only when it forgets about itself.

Metropolitan Anthony Surozhsky

We all think that we know what love is and how to love. In fact, very often we can only feast on human relationships.

Metropolitan Anthony Surozhsky

You’re longing for love, want to be loved…

This is your fault, give yourself away.

You are hungry, but how will you nourish the others?

If you were fed,

Full of spiritual graceful love,

Then you would not require love, but vice versa

Would warm the others, for it is said:

“Love,” and not – “Be loved.”

Hieromartyr Seraphim Zvezdinsky