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In Odessa Was Held a Social Camp Ukraine 2014 Conference

On September 7-8, in Odessa was held a long-awaited Social Camp Ukraine – forum which brought together community leaders, representatives of non-profit organizations, volunteers and all those, who are interested in discussing public projects, innovative solutions and social initiatives for improving the urban environment.

Representatives of the Good Deeds International Charity Foundation also visited the Impact Hub Odessa, a new convention-centre, to work out ways of fruitful cooperation between business, government and society together with the other participants of the event in a comfortable and friendly environment.

The Social Camp was attended by over 130 participants from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and Europe. At the forum was presented two dozen of projects whose authors shared their ideas and talked about already existing social projects.

Vladyslav Shelokov, a Board Member of the Good Deeds ICF, told guests of the Social Camp Ukraine about the EcoNation project. He said that foundation supported inventions, scientific discoveries, and It-projects in the field of environmental protection.

Zumba and 1000000 of Smiles projects of the foundation became positive addition to the event; it raised the spirits of all the guests and brought memorable experience for the socially active young people.