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Gopak Brought Victory From Greece

Became known the winners of the International Children’s Festival At the Foot of Mount Olympus, which is held annually at the Greek resort town of Paralia.

This time in the international competition took part 25 dance and vocal groups from different countries: Ukraine, Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria and so on.

The first in the Middle age group nomination became a folk dance ensemble Gopak of Kiev school № 267.

As a part of program “Life for Every Child” they were supported by the Good Deeds International Charity Foundation.

The municipal government of the city liked the performance of the Gopak very much, so its representatives invited children to take part in the festival next year. Every young dancer got unforgettable experiences and gifts from the organizers of the festival.

In their spare time, the girls and boys visited two excursions: a trip to the mountain monastery Meteors, which is one of the wonders of the world, and climbing to the top of Mount Olympus.

For the future of our children with love in your hearts we are building a new world!