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The Foundation Opened a “New Sea” in Cherkassy

On August 22 in Cherkassy an extraordinary journey along the Dnepr on the old Spas Cossack gull took place with the support of the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation.

Under the Revival of Cultural and Moral Values program the foundation participated in the Open a New Dea International art project, and provided the children of Cherkasy region the opportunity to experience the traditions and history of the Ukrainian Cossacks.

The well-known all over Ukraine Spas Cossack gull is a boat built by enthusiasts according to drawings of the XVII century. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that this is not just a historical reconstruction of the Ukrainian Cossacks fighting ship, but also a work of art. Journey on the Spas gull lets see the heroic past of our people with your own eyes. This year, the organizers of the traditional “sea gulls hikes” in the framework of the Open a new sea! international art history project visited the Cherkassy coast. In the glorious Cossack town with the support of the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation an educational program for those who want to plunge into the history of the Ukrainian people was conducted. Children and adults had a unique opportunity to feel the spirit of this exciting journey, joining the Cossack naval command. In the morning on the coast of Dnepr began preparations for a sea campaign. As true Cossacks, children from different parts of Ukraine prepared for responsible travel.

The event organizers have taken care of corresponding  attributes. All day long the air over the Cossack camp was shaking because of loud gun shots. And then, finally, after several hours of waiting, the captain of Spas Myron Gumenetsky invited everyone on board.

Thus a historic voyage under sails began, during which experienced navigators introduced children to the technical features of the ship, told about the interesting facts from the history of Ukrainian Cossack fleet and courage.

“It was very interesting to go sailing gull. It takes your breath away when you find yourself alone in the Cossack ship, which you saw until that point just in textbooks. And a real Cossack gun turns you into a flow of emotions! I am very grateful to the organizers for this unique opportunity to plunge into the past “, – Vitaly, a visitor of the event.

The captain of Spas introduced passengers to the ship, its devices, said what is necessary to correctly understand the captain’s signs, as well as many other interesting facts. Moreover, the little passengers were able to try themselves in the role of sailors!

“When members of the Spas gull team sent us a proposition to support the project, we gladly responded and expressed desire to participate in the event. The idea of combining history with art, Ukrainian traditions with a modern outlook seemed very interesting to us. The Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation constantly holds various events aimed at promoting the traditional values and cultural heritage of the Ukrainian people. Open a new sea is a positive example of such an combination, and we are pleased that we were able to join the project”, – Natalia Kolesnik, President of the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation.

On battleship board the well-known artists and sailors Grivinsky Vladimir and Ivan Mikhailov demonstrated secrets of painting techniques. Children diligently mastered the difficult art of landscape design. A skilled photographer and sailor Dmitry Kupriyan spoke in detail about the art of photography and of his journey through the seas with a camera in hand. The idea of the event was liked very much by all, without exception!

Open a new sea is a wonderful project that brought together the best Ukrainian artists, sculptors, musicians, writers, historians and photographers for a unique journey along the oceans and seas to France! During the trip, participants will draw, play, and describe their experiences. Thus, the Spas gull has become a true symbol of the freedom of art, able to transcend borders, bringing people together and the whole culture! Our Foundation will continue to support such projects, because with love in our hearts we are building a new world!