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BlagoLunch: Analysis of Effectiveness of Social projects

On June 26, 2014 in the Kiev restaurant Ani, was held the third public meeting of the BlagoLunch project organized by the Good Deeds International Charity Foundation. At this time, the participants discussed the effectiveness of social projects in Ukraine.

Traditionally the BlagoLunch began with the opening words of Natalia Kolesnik, a President of the Good Deeds ICF, who noted the relevance of social development projects for the welfare of the country.

She also said that analysis of various parameters of the implementation of social initiatives is a key point in the direction of improving their quality and the overall effect.

Further were also discussed such subtopics: “How effective charitable projects in Ukraine?”, “How can be predicted the effectiveness of social projects?”, “Ways to improve the effectiveness of charitable initiatives” etc.

The main speakers at the third meeting of philanthropists were Andrew Vaskovich, a president of the “CaritasUkraine” ICF; Dmitry Rodenko, a director and founder of the International Marketing Group group of companies; Maria Henning, a spokesman for the joint venture of the German-Polish-Ukrainian community and others.

During his speech, the national deputy Alexander Chubatenko proposed to all the participants of the meeting to join forces around the development of specific proposals to change existing legislation to improve the implementation of social projects in Ukraine, as well as promote qualitative changes in society.

Monthly meetings of the BlagoLunch project are sure the occasions to discuss the main achievements and priorities facing philanthropists today.

We recall that in the Facebook social network there is a page of the project where, everyone may get acquainted with the materials of the speakers and find information about the future meetings.