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Basketball Dream for Orphanages

The Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation pays much attention to the children’s cultural and sports education, because today’s children are the future of the Ukrainian nation.

How much attention today we, adults, pay to children, determines the future result.

On August 8 the grand opening of the Youth European Basketball Championship took place.

On the basketball court – youth stars, and in the hall – dozens of children from family-type orphanages and multi-child families. Thanks to the financial support of the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation about 100 children from large families and family-type homes were able to visit the championship for free. The boys felt like real Michael Jordan and the girls happily clapped hands and jumped when their team scored.

“A child who visits such events, sees other children who are of the same age with him, but who are already interviewed, who have a great future … Any boy or girl will see in these children himself or herself – and then get a motivation,”– said the President of the Ukrainian Basketball Federation Alexander Volkov.

After sports in children aquire a need in the sport and a healthy lifestyle. The Foundation staff are convinced in the need to tear children from TV screens and on computer games as often as possible, and take them to the championships. Especially in need are the children for certain reasons deprived from parents’ care.

“Our project is an example of cooperation between the state and charitable organizations in addressing the issue of the orphans’ socialization. We make every effort to make the Road to Life for Every Child program cover as many children as possible”, – said the project manager of the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation S.Maksimchuk.

We are grateful to the sports organizations and the public administration, which we are going to meet in the implementation of social welfare projects.

After all, with love in our hearts we are building a new world!