Dates of Name of tender documentation Winner Status of bid
23.07.2014-04.08.2014 Printing Services Tender ТОВ «МАЙКА Ю ЕЙ» Completed
21.07.2014-01.08.2014 Printing Services Tender ТОВ "ММКГ" Completed
16.01.2014-07.02.2014 Announcement of the Printing Services Tender ООО ТЕФ "ОЛБИ" Completed
01.11.2013-06.12.2013 The Tender for the Foundation Site Development AdShot Creative Agency Completed
20.06.2013-17.07.2013 ATTENTION! Tender for Transportation Services! "Order Bus" Completed
19.08.2013-05.09.2013 The Tender for the Purchase of Bed Linen ЧП "Ярослав" Completed
19.07.2013-05.10.2013 Supplier for the manufacture of T-shirts with the logo 3d студия (ЧП Пилипчук Алексей Григорьевич) Completed