Useful Links

If your question is about health or medical issues, we recommend you to contact the other foundations that specialize in medical sphere:

Medical Foundations

  1. Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation
  2. Zhizn’ Foundation
  3. Siyanie Nadezhdy Foundation
  4. Zaporuka Foundation
  5. Luch’ Very Foundation
  6. Angel Ukrainy Foundation
  7. Rozvytok Ukrainy Foundation
  8. The CRAB Foundation Helping the Cancer Children
  9. Pediatry Protiv Raka Charity Foundation
  10. Obereg Zhizni Charity Foundation
  11. Romashka Charity Foundation helping children with cancer
  12. Parus Nadezhdy charity foundation helping children with cancer
  13. The Mangust Khersonsky regional charity foundation
  14. Vertikal International Charity Foundation
  15. Svitlozir Zaporozhsky regional charity foundation
  16. Silnye Duhom international charity foundation
  17. NGO Solnechny Krug

Children Foundations

  1. Ukraina Dityam
  2. Kryla Nadii
  3. Spodivayusya i Viryu
  4. Nove Pokolinnya
  5. Priyateli Detey Charity Foundation
  6. Caritas Ukraine
  7. International Charity Organization VZGLYAD
  8. SOS Dytyachi Mistechka Ukrainy
  9. Blagopoluchie Detey Ukrainian Foundation
  10. Partnerstvo Kazhdomu Rebenku
  11. Yakov charity foundation
  12. Pchelka charity foundation
  13. Detyam Nikopolya charity foundation
  14. S lyubobyu k Detyam Odessa charity foundation
  15. Budushee Odessa regional charity foundation
  16. Alisa children charity foundation

Pensioners Foundations

  1. Turbota pro Litnih v Ukraini

Animals help foundations

  1. Homeless dogs foundation

 Foundations of different specializations

  1. Viktor Pinchuk Foundation
  2. Otrkrytye Serdtsa Ukrainian Charity Foundation
  3. Sotsialnoe Partnerstvo Charity Foundation
  4. Ukrainskaya Birzha Blagotvoritelnosti
  5. Beteinu – Nash Dom jewish charity foundation
  6. Ukraina 3000 International Charity Foundation
  7. Pisha Zhizni Charity Foundation
  8. Fond Dobryh Lyudey Charity Foundation