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(EN) In Lviv the International Boxing Tournament Ended

The International boxing tournament among juniors for the prizes of the silver medalist of the Olympic Games, world champion among professionals Andriy Kotelnik, which was held in Lviv for three days, named its winners. The organizers of the tournament were: Lviv City Boxing Federation and the Konstantin Kondakov International Charity Foundation that within the A Sound Mind in a Sound Body program provided adequate funding to organize the event.

The special guests of the tournament were Sergei Dzinziruk, Ukrainian professional boxer, member of the Olympic team of Ukraine, 1996; Vladimir Virchis, professional boxer, who stands in the heavyweight division; the best world coach of 2011 year Dmitry Sosnowski; London Olympic champion Yana Shemyakina and others.

It is obvious, that boxing is not just skill and dexterity of fists, but also beautiful sport that requires from the sportsman to improve tactics and all-round development of mind and body. In the championship, which is the starting point for novice boxers, took part more than 130 juniors. They presented the teams from many regions of Ukraine.

According to the results of the competitions the first places and gold medals, accordingly with weight categories, received: Vladimir Kizima, Vladislav Sidorenko, Arthur Koshuth, Nicholay Mitoshenko, Nikita Shandyba, Vladislav Zarechnyj, Ilya Sokolov, Orestes Urban, Alexander Kravets, Stanislav Echkalov, Vladislav Storchun, Andrey Tkachenko, Pavel Gula, Vladimir Muzelov, Denis Levchenko, Nazar Kogut, Vladislav Batizhevsky, Vladimir Hima, Vadim Kostjuchek, Ivan Antonescu, Ilya Kazak, Alexander Gritsev.

All the young athletes demonstrated the best boxing quality and thirst for victory. The representatives of the Konstantin Kondakov International Charity Foundation are sure that the guys gained enough fighting experience on the competition, which will be useful in their future athletic career!