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The “Arsenal of Ideas in Mystetsky Arsenal” Project

The project is implemented under the Road to Life for Every Child program by The Good Deeds ICF and Good Cause Every Day! promo event, and includes visits of the multi-child families and family-type orphanages to the place of creativity, culture and inventions - Mystetsky Arsenal. It's a real creative laboratory that combines science, art and innovations, long-term international experience and Ukrainian special content. Partners:
  • “Mystetsky Arsenal”
  • “Order Bus”
Project started: 2013. Project location: Kiev region. Implementation period: August 2013. Mission To introduce children to the creative space of the Arsenal of Ideas. Aim Stimulate children's curiosity, the desire for creative exploration and development of its own innovations. Target audience Multi-child families and family-type orphanages of Kiev. Results Children from large families and family-type homes Kiev met with creative ideas laboratories Arsenal.

If you wish to participate in the project, please download and complete the Letter of request,

and then send it by e-mail help@kondakov.ua

We will be very glad to see you at our events!