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Opening of the Paint the Wall Art Object

As a part of the Paint the Wall project the grand opening of a huge picture on the wall of a block of flats on the Zlatoustovskaya Str. in Kiev took place. In fact it is a huge graffiti of a fabulous tree house. There also was a presentation of the symbolic Smiles Mailbox for the children, an unusual reception and the launch of thousands balloons into the sky. Partners: 
  • Department of Urban beautification and preservation of the environment;local utilities.
Implementation period: 07.08.2013. Project location: Kiev. Purpose:
  • improve the emotional state of the residents of the city;
  • create an interesting art-object in Ukraine.
  • to present a new art facility for residents of the city, the mass media, the authorities;
  • to attract the attention of public services to the emergency house and territory clean-up.
Target audience: city residents, the mass media, the city authorities. Resonance: 300 people.