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Kyiv Family Fest-2013

At a family event the Kiev inhabitants and visitors of the capital were able to see the performances of children and youth schools of aikido, modern dance, BMX, street-workout, to watch the American football competition. The Good Deeds International Charity Foundation organized playgrounds, workshops for the whole family on talisman, origami and bracelets making, and aso arranged ​​a "Rock Climbing" activity.   Partners:
  • American Football Federation of Ukraine
Implementation period: Aug. 30 - Sept. 1, 2013. Project location: Kiev, Obolon embankment. Purpose: Before the school year to introduce parents and children to useful activity, leisure, sections and specialized educational institutions. Objectives: To provide an opportunity for people to try their hand at rock climbing and various workshops. Target audience: families, athletes, active youth. Resonance: 1000 people.