Holding the finals of grants from TheGood Deeds ICF – IDeystvuy! as a part of the Revival of Cultural and Moral Values program.

After the second stage of selection of applications the foundation council selected the five best projects from all over Ukraine, who took part in the final competition.



  • Famous statesmen

Implementation period: 24.01.2014

Project location: Kiev


  • Assessing of grants contest finalists by the experts, later the finalists receive valuable tips on fundraising;
  • Motivation finalists continue their activities;
  • Awarding a grant from the main winner in the amount of 50 000 UAH.


Organization of the three-hour event:

  • invite participants, experts,
  • organize a reception,
  • pitching,
  • holding a meeting of experts and the awards ceremony.

Target audience: socio-active youth, investors of startups.

Resonance: more than 30 people.