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Zaporizhzhya SPAS Fest

The Good Deeds International Charity Foundation participated in organizing and conducting II Ukrainian Festival of Folk Art, traditions and rituals named Zaporizhzhya SPAS. During the festival, created figures of fairy tale characters , and also carries out extensive entertainment program. Partners:
  • The SPAS Children and Youth School of Cossack Martial Art
Purpose: to provide a Straw Bull and Bear composition, symbolizing the trends in the financial markets. Objectives:
  • creation of fairy tale characters figures, according to the Dreamland near Zaporozhye Oak project;
  • organization of the entertainment program with performances by musical groups, equestrian Cossack battle theater Zaporizhzhya SPAS, folk artists and graffiti team.
Project location: Ukraine. Implementation period: 10-18 August 2013. Resonance: 70 000 people.