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BlagoLunch Devoted to the Topic of Adoption

On May 30, 2014 in the President Hotel of Kiev was organized the second session of the BlagoLunch project, organized by the Good Deeds International Charity Foundation.

The theme of the meeting of philanthropists was Adoption: How to Make a Dream of an Orphan Come True?

In the expert community of leaders of charitable and non-governmental organizations, as well as representatives of public authorities and journalists, were discussed the main issues how to overcome orphanage in Ukraine.

Сreate suitable conditions for the development of orphans.

The main speakers that day were:

– Maryna Krysa, a President of the Priyateli Ditey CF;

– Dmitry Chuprina, a deputy director of the Hope and Homes for Children CF ;

– Irina Sinelnik, a specialist of projects and programs of the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation for Development of Ukraine, and others.

At the meeting all the participants exchanged their views and experiences. In addition, there were given urgent proposals regarding implementation of a national campaign of popularization of family values, joint work to ensure social institutions for disadvantaged children with charitable assistance.

The second meeting allowed to determine priorities in work of benefactors to overcome such phenomenon as orphanage, as well as share experiences and seek support of each other in the implementation of their own projects.