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The “From Homes to Ropes-2” Family Holiday

Following the success of the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation From Homes to Ropes-2 project in June this year, we have received dozens of requests from people who for certain reasons could not participate in it.

The Foundation decided to change the situation on August 17 called again the family teams to the rope route in the SEIRLAR park. Only this time a family holiday moved from Kiev to the beautiful park in Brovary, near the lake.

The “From Homes to Ropes-2” event was conducted as a part of two Foundation’s programs: A Sound Mind in a Sound Body and Revival of Cultural and Moral Values. It combined the best ideas from the pilot activities, as well as new entertainment, new games and great contests. On this day the whole area of the park turned into a huge entertainment area!

Besides the rope track, parents and children were able to take part in the exclusive morning exercises with a world and European champion, four-time World Cup winner in swimming Denis Silantyev; a cooking workshop in healthy vegetarian food from Veganohooligano; remarkable experiments on the Merry Science scientific laboratory; the inimitable Angry Birds off-line game, as well as many competitions from the famous show-man Dmitry Karpachyov.

At the event, each of those visitors had the unique opportunity to become a fairy tale character, thanks to the masters of children’s body-art, and feel like a model, using high-tech photo-installation, which automatically placed the image to the social network.

In each of the game and educational zones accepted the whole families. Moms and dads helped their children make straw dolls and colorful bracelets from the tapes in “Workshop Classroom”, took an active part in children’s games and contests. No doubt the From Homes to Ropes-2 event was the perfect example of family entertainment and solidarity! On this day, all those present became a little closer to each other, the parents began to better understand their children and vice versa – the children felt a real concern and support from their moms and dads. As it turned out, exchanging the sofa and a computer to a sporting family communication in the open air, the person receives a reward of positive emotions and good mood for the whole week.

“Organizing the From Homes to Ropes-2 event, we primarily wanted to show that a family sports holidays is useful, fun and positive. I am very glad that today we have so many participants that the event has suddenly become even more positive and more fun than we planned,”-shared her impressions Natalia Kolesnik, the President of the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation.

The Foundation thanks all the partners who helped to make this day memorable:

  • SEIKLAR park and trainers for their support of our members on the ropes route.
  • Technical partner Daniel & Friends for the perfect musical accompaniment.
  • VEGANOHOOLIGANO for cookery classes and delicious treats.
  • Game partner Kozyrny Tuz for an exciting Angry Birds offline game.
  • Ecopartner Ekoklab for useful products.
  • Photopartner SocialMediaPort.com for great photos.
  • Scientific partner Merry Science for the amazing laboratory experiments.
  • Lux FM radio station for a good mood.
  • The social partners – the Youth for Human Rights charity foundation for educational videos.
  • Obozrevatel and Mamaclub media portals for informational support.
  • Personally to Denis Silantyev for the energetic author physical exercise.
  • And to all those who participated in the preparation and conduct of charity event!

We also express our gratitude to the Kyiv Regional State Administration for help in organizing the From Homes to Ropes-2 event.

We will continue to carry out such activities as often as possible, pleasing you, dear friends, pleasant contests and games. Watch for announcements, join the project fund, and let’s make our lives brighter and more fun!

After all, with love in our hearts we are building a new world!