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Opening of the New Fields of Activities Due to the Non-Peaceful Events in Ukraine

Due to the difficult situation on the east of the country, the Good Deeds International Charity Foundation announces about receiving applications for treatment of the injured people while non-peaceful events on the east of Ukraine.

Our team understands that in this difficult for our country time, all Ukrainians should rally behind and help each-other.

Our doors are always open for Ukrainian soldiers and civilians who have suffered during the military clashes.


Within our capabilities we will try to provide all possible assistance to everyone who needs it most.

Despite the major programs of our foundation that are not associated with the provision of care for treatment and procurement of medicines, we decided to make an exception and at all cost support the victims from the eastern regions of Ukraine.

Procedure for admission of this category of applications is standard. To get help from our Foundation you should download, fill in and send us the form “Submission letter” by email: zayavki@kondakov.ua. Upon approval of your letter, we will inform you about the need to submit additional documents.

We also invite to cooperation other charitable organizations and all those who don’t want to be out. By combining our efforts, we can significantly increase the scale of good acts in this issue.

For the happy future of Ukraine with love in our hearts we are building a new world!