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Europe Applauses to Cherkassy Choir!

Euro sensation! Ukraine has taken the Grand Prix and the first two places in a prestigious international vocal competition.

While the attention of all the Ukrainian media is concentrated on pop artists’ participation in the Eurovision Song Contest … On April 28 Ukrainian singers from Cherkasy made a splash in Europe! In Slovakia our music band won the Grand Prix and two first-places among 30 teams from 14 European countries. Right on their way to Bratislava the talented Ukrainian artists were invited to give a performance in two European capitals – Vienna (Austria) and Budapest (Hungary).

Several members of the choir were invited to work and study in the best theaters and conservatories of Poland, Austria and Hungary. The Students Choir from the Pop Music Department of S.S. Gulak-Artemovsky Music School is also expected with a solo concert at the Opera House in Prague (the Czech Republic capital).

The International festival of choral and folk music in Slovakia is one of the most prestigious European music events. Winning a competition of such a top-level demonstrates culture, professionalism and quality of music education in our country as a whole. The Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation has enabled 36 members of a unique students’ choir of the Pop Music Department of S.S. Gulak-Artemovsky Music School (Cherkassy) to join the competition, so that Ukrainians would have the opportunity to demonstrate the power of their talent at the European level.

If you have never heard about this competition or the team – do not worry! This is a result of a shift in emphasis in our society. That’s why our foundation is happy to change status quo and let you hear about the achievements of your countrymen, which will make you proud even more than the athletic victories or the participation of Ukrainians in the Eurovision Song Contest. We recommend that you watch the video story and the movie made by the choir members during their Slovakia trip, and feel the creative atmosphere, the joy of traveling and the resounding victory.

On May 20 in the winners’ hometown – Cherkassy – the concert report of the choir took place. The foundation managers very much enjoyed the musicians’ creativity and, as well as the respected European jury, were struck by their music skills, the director’s creativity and sincerity, which filled the concert and the musicians’ contest program.

Funding of pop artists for participation in international competitions is already considered to be prestigious in Ukraine and this way, patrons with great pleasure maintain their image. Our foundation is trying to form a similar prestigious attitude to supporting all cultural projects. This is why the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation became one of the first organizations to finance the country’s cultural image, and with its own example it inspires large commercial organizations to adopt one of the best popular European practices – philanthropy. Because with love in our hearts we are building a new world!