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People Conquered the Rock at the Sorochinska Fair!

This year, all visitors of the Sorochyntsy Fair had the unique opportunity to try themselves as climbers, and also join interesting workshops and fun sports competitions.

The Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation as a part of the A Sound Mind in a Sound Body and the Revival of Cultural and Moral Valuesprograms  equipped a sports and entertainment area for everyone at the fair.

Every year on the open field in Poltava region for a few days thousands of people become participants of a large-scale celebration. These days in the warm Ukrainian air routine turns into an elegant event, and a familiar reality is filled with mystery of Gogol times and characters. The current fair was no exeption.

The organizers have created a great festive atmosphere, in which all that you can only imagine was. On the Sorochyntsi field a traditional Ukrainian World gathered: with cossack’s gopak, dolls-motanki and Gogol’s Soloha. All this was perfectly complemented with modern characters – Verka Serduchka and amusing guys from the popular Tick band. The visitors from Poland and Slovakia also organically fit into the world of Caucasian cuisine and Ukrainian hospitality. “The noise, swearing, mooing, bleating, roaring – all fused into a single discordant voices”, – this is how Nikolai Gogol described an event almost two centuries ago. Time passes, but the holiday in Velikie Sorochyntsi remains the same friendly and familiar!

Unusual sports and entertainment area of the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation became a nice addition to entertaining designs at the fair. Each visitor had the opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of dynamic events and outdoor activities.

The most popular destination for lovers of extreme sports became a climbing wall, which was installed by benefactors next to the main stage. Could the author of Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka imagine that in the centre of a fair glorified by him a few centuries a huge “rock” would appear? There were so many people wishing to conquer the impregnable Sorochyntsi top that near the “rock” a long queue for health and a positive attitude formed quickly. It is interesting, that at the climbing wall adults met with the very young climbers.

Next to the climbing wall at the foundation’s playground creative workshops for the public were settled. Under the guidance of experienced artists and designers the visitors of the fair learned how to create a traditional Ukrainian souvenir doll-motanku, and hand-made strips bracelets. All the time the body-art studio was working, where everyone could get a free unique pattern on the body.

“Sorochinskaya Fair is a part of Ukrainian history and traditions of the Ukrainian people. Positive emotions, joy and bright experiences create an indescribable atmosphere of the holiday. That is why we have decided this year to join the trade fair on the Sorochintsy field. We were pleased to contribute to the current Sorochyntsi Fair and the revival of Ukrainian traditions”, – Natalia Kolesnik, the President of the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation.

Under the leadership of unsurpassed master at the Foundation’s playground a variety of dynamic entertaining games and competitions were continuously held. Basketball, frisbee, jump competition with a skipping rope and many sporting events in which both children and adults competed.

Modern technologies were also present at the fair. For those who forgot the camera at home or wanted to quickly share their feelings and emotions with friends during the fair an online photo-rack was running. With the help of this masterpiece of computer technology everyone could take photos with their friends for free and immediately send the pictures to social networks.

“Sports and entertainment area of the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation gathered all those wishing to experience themselves and their strength. It was nice that people liked our playground. Many of them came later and thanked us,”– Tatiana Krupskaya, the Foundation’s project manager.

The Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation made a healthy and sporty contribution to the celebration, where every child and adult had the opportunity to test themselves and their capabilities.

That’s great, because with love in our hearts we are building a new world!