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Two Silver Medals for the Glory of Ukraine!

At the end of September 2014 “Choir students of Cherkassy Music College SS Gulak-Artemovs’kyj” visited “VIII International Choir Competition” in Rimini (Italy), where it was the only representative of Ukraine! Traditionally, young contestants were supported by the Good Deeds ICF.

The high status of the competition confirmed by the representation of its members, as well as a range of partner organizations: the European Parliament, the President of the Italian Republic, the Association of Choirs of the region Emilia-Romagna, Italy National Federation of Choirs (FENIARCO) and the Municipality of Rimini.

Our choir participated in the competition in two categories: classical and folklore. Each of them also competed by 15 teams from around the world. According to the jury, all participants had an extremely high level of training.

Ukrainian team performed folk songs and classical pieces. The main goal of the team was to convey the values of our people, the unique energy and Ukrainian flavor.

As a result, the choir entered the top three winners in all two nominations and won two silver medals! The judges noted the professionalism, skill, drama and artistry of the team. All members of the jury emphasized the fairly promising team, which has resulted in an invitation to choral competitions in various European countries.