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Charity event by the Good Deeds International Charity Foundation and the “Dobri Rechі” national charity project, organized to collect things for the social category of people.

The idea is to use special yellow garbage bags to collect the things for those in need. You can take your staff to collection points or just leave the package near the garbage can.

Aim of the project: development of a culture of philanthropy in Ukraine.

Slogan: To do a good deed is as simple, as take out the trash.

Purpose of the package:

– Draw attention of people,

– Signal people about humanitarian aid,

– Keep things clean and dry when shower,

– Avoid common phenomenon when poor people are forced to dive into the garbage cans in search of useful things,

– Mark package for employees of garbage companies in order to prevent their removal to the landfill,

Results of the project: collected more than 5 tons of things that have gone to the needs of internally displaced persons, orphans, and poor people.

To the project joined non-profit organizations from Lutsk, Odessa and Kiev.