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Bright Day in the Baby-Rock Cafe


The children from a multi-child Yanovsky family had a great time in the conceptual «Baby-rock» cafe as a part of the Good Cause Every Day!promo event of the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation. The boys and girls learned how to cook an interesting dish, played table football and a variety of active games, draw and made ​​creative applique. Firstly, the children met and played with soft fluffy inhabitants of the cafe – rabbits Boris and Masha. Then the chef invited everyone to a large round table for the preparation of the edible “volcano”.

Since the day was devoted to fire safety, while cooking the children discussed what to do in case of a fire and how to avoid it together with a mentor.

After putting a “volcano” into the oven for baking, the girls and boys had fun with a children’s teacher Dmitry. He taught them a variety of motion games, talked with the guys on interesting themes and paid attention to the each child.

Different entertainments were organized for the young guests. Those who wanted to take a break from the activities could paint on an easel or make a colorful appliqué “Fire Point Stand”.

At the end of the evening the children enjoyed a self-cooked dish and thanked the adults who created this holiday!

The representatives of the Konstantin Kondakov Charity Foundation presented the boys and girls vivid emotions and new experiences. For the sake of it with love in my hearts we are building a new world!